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Today we are going to be reviewing "The Origin of Laughing Jack" a prequel to the story of "Laughing Jack".

What could possibly go wrong?

Let's take this from the top, shall we?

We first start the story off with a lonely little boy by the name of "Isaac Grossman". On Christmas night, he recieves a jack-in-the-box from a guardian angel which contains a clown-esque entity named "Laughing Jack". Sadly we know at some point in stories that there are some characters that are a complete "jackass". Like Isaac's mother, who constantly abuses him and believes that he will not make any friends with his "child idiocy".

One day, Laughing Jack and Isaac were playing in the backyard and were having loads of fun together until they accidentally kill a cat that belonged to Isaac's neighbors. These turn of events essentially pin the blame on Isaac and he gets sent to boarding school while Laughing Jack is forced to wait in his little box until Isaac comes back.

Many years pass and so many things have changed. For one, Isaac is not his childish self anymore and in this regard brings more intrigue toward his character development where he suddenly develops a murderous tendency to murder his victims and make whatever remains they have into furniture. Laughing Jack on the other hand, loses all his rainbow-esque colors and becomes somewhat of an aocromatic (black and white) clown that soon develops the same murderous tendencies after witnessing Isaac's tactics from his box and seeing it as a sort of "game". He comes out after he is called out the same way as in the beginning when they first meet.

However, Isaac does not remember his good old friend from his childhood because "boarding school". In the end, Laughing Jack kills Isaac.

To be honest, the origin was a whole lot better than "Laughing Jack". It's not really that bad of a story and we are given more background of what drove "Laughing Jack" to become the killer clown we all know and love to this day. The story may be a bit too gorey at certain intervals, but it's one hell of a recommendation if you're wanting to know why Laughing Jack became what he is today.

So overall, I say this story has obtained a 9.95/10 on the "greatest CreepyPasta origin story ever".

Keep Calm and Sorrow Spreads.