• SorrowPasta

    Ever have that feeling on what might be going on in someone's inner thoughts?

    If so, what would it feel like in poetic form?

    Even though I'm new to the site and I have not written any good stories yet (I still might need a bit of inspiration and continue to read the rules and regulations), I decided to start a little contest.

    The theme of this contest is from the insanity within our deepest corners of the mind to a poem on paper or on this wiki.

    There's no deadline.

    All you got to do is write a "poetry and mental illness" themed story and send me the link via this blog.

    If the story get's enough support or I really like it a lot, then the prize will be that poem gets narrated by anyone in the CreepyPasta community, even new narrators like me.


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  • SorrowPasta

    With every good story comes good writing.

    Sadly, not every story is accepted into the wiki for various reasons because the story was either filled with so many grammatical errors, things that have been over-used, etc.

    Now I know what you must thinking, "Didn't almost anyone on YouTube mention these overused tropes and what not?"

    Well yes they have, but it's my turn this time.

    This is my "Top 10 CreepyPasta "No No's".

    10: Using "unknown" as a tag

    If you use the phrase "unknown" as a tag for your story, then there a few chances that it will get deleted.

    9: Over usage of the word "hyper realistic"

    This is pretty much a basic item of a story that has been used one too many times. Describing something as "hyper realistic" is way too repetitive and mund…

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  • SorrowPasta

    Sorrow spreads everyone, I am SorrowPasta.

    Today we are going to be reviewing "The Origin of Laughing Jack" a prequel to the story of "Laughing Jack".

    What could possibly go wrong?

    Let's take this from the top, shall we?

    We first start the story off with a lonely little boy by the name of "Isaac Grossman". On Christmas night, he recieves a jack-in-the-box from a guardian angel which contains a clown-esque entity named "Laughing Jack". Sadly we know at some point in stories that there are some characters that are a complete "jackass". Like Isaac's mother, who constantly abuses him and believes that he will not make any friends with his "child idiocy".

    One day, Laughing Jack and Isaac were playing in the backyard and were having loads of fun toge…

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