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Sorean corpse hunter

aka Sorean

  • I live in Ion
  • I was born on June 13
  • My occupation is QH (Quarry Hunter)
  • I am Male
  • Sorean corpse hunter

    It was a bright, sunny day in the fields. It was harvesting season, and a group of farmers went out back behind the farms to collect the plants. I wanted to go out there too, but my father, a ripe old man in his forties, said to me, "Son, if you want to go harvesting, I'll let you go next year. You are only fourteen."

    "But Father!" I started. "You said that last year! I have proven myself! I have! Please let me go out there!"

    "You can wait boy." I heard my uncle say from his usual perch, the recliner, in the corner of the room. I just ignored him, and I locked my gaze upon my father. He met my gaze, and we stood there, transfixed on the spot, for a full five minutes, when both him and my uncle sighed.

    "Fine." My Father sighed. A smile erupted…

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  • Sorean corpse hunter

    I need some help. My parents are talking about moving to Tennessee, and I don't want to lose what few friends I do have. Can anyone give any advice on moving? It is still a possibility, but in case I do move, can anyone give some advice for when I arrive in my new school?

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  • Sorean corpse hunter

    Hello, I'm Sorean. I just got off of a relationship with a very nice girl, but today, the very next day after our break up, she's mad at me. Can anyone give some advice as to how to get back on her good side?

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