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You do not have to agree with me but I think that the users should be able to add there own categories. Disagree if you want just I would like to express myself. A few days ago my boyfriend got a one day ban from this site. I do not care if he got a one day ban but what would happen next would make me want to write this blog post. He went to his talk page to find a new message saying "So. You undo my warning to you about not adding US and then adding it to another page which, gee, had you kept up there, you might have not have made that mistake! You're history. One! Two! Three! Now let's take a look at those beautiful dreams... 23:23, May 12, 2012 (UTC) I understand that he did undo the warning but he told me that he did not remember using the catagory again. He did use it one but he said that it was already installed but he just used it. I don't understand the part One! Two! Three! Now let's take a look at those beautiful dreams... but can someone explain all of this. My boyfriend was guilty but banning him forever I think is a little too far. The ban was made by Weirdwithcoffee so I would like to speak to him about the ban.

Thanks Sonyo

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