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    I was doing one of my awesome puzzles tonight and i finished at 12:00 PM. I cut the finished puzzle in half with my butcher knife for the first time. My family is asleep and now is the time to get started.... ---24 hours earlier---

    Hi! My name is Tom. I live with my family and i am 17 years old. I have 2 sisters and 3 brothers and a step-sister. My Dad had passed on due to lung cancer. My mom had been in mourning ever since. I found this puzzle from when i was a kid. I loved puzzles back then.

    So I did the puzzle in about a min. Then I took my pickup truck to a puzzle store and bought 10 puzzles. I finished them all in 10 min. I was addicted to puzzles. So I went home and went to sleep. ---The day Tom changed---
    I woke with a sudden urge … Read more >