It seems like the site has been flooded with a lot of stories as of late. I have stayed up all month to read the best stories and bring them to you. These are the best stories I've read from July. I feel like these pastas are a little more well-known around the wiki than the stories I had on the highlighted reading from June.

I've also included my own personal ratings based on five elements: scare factor, transition, composition, description, and conclusion.

(1) Ad Nauseam, Ad Mortem, Ad Infinitum It's hard to find pastas like this one. This story battles the concept of the afterlife and the writing style fits perfectly with the theme in my opinion. Credited to EmpyrealInvective 91/100 A-

(2) The Baseball Boy There is just an extremely eerie feeling that comes with reading this pasta. It's hard for me to describe exactly why I like this story so much. While there is some obvious flaws, I still think the setting was well accomplished. And the ending I liked in particular also. Credited to Robotkat 89/100 B+

(3) Out with a Bang This is a very simple story of a girl with ballistic attributes. The story itself has nearly flawless transition and composition. Credited to XanCrews 89/100 B+

(4) The Sweeping From the remote plains of the Midwest comes a tale of an unrelenting force of nature which nearly wipes out the town of Wheatley, Nebraska -- while also sending the residents into a frenzy. Credited to Dubiousdugong 85.5/100 B