Highlighted Reading from June

Basically I think that the Pasta of the Month is highly ignored by most users on the wikia.

This is my blog and I have decided that I will bring the best of the best creepy pasta material to everyone. I'll do this on the first day of the month or somewhere around there.

You can also find all of these stories on my user-page, but I won't keep all of them on there forever. I will include a small description of each story, for entertainment purposes. Don't worry, I left the best parts to the authors. Please help me get these pasta-stories out there.

(1) Finally Awake This is the story of a car accident and the thoughts of a survivor. As he loses his mind on the operating table, he describes everything he can see and hear. All the scenes from the accident come back to him towards the end of the story. Not too long and definitely a great story. Credited to Kyoketsu.

(2) Numb A delightfully short story describing -- in great detail -- why you should be afraid of the dentist. Credited to Bipolaroid.

(3) Nana Razor It is second nature for a parent to scorn a disappointing child. This story explains what happens when an abused girl is relieved of an abusive parent. Credited to Booboofinger.

(4) Scenes from a Metropolitan Garbage Truck The title gives a little information as to the direction of the story. Also included in this story is a rather finely executed rant of a psychotic garbage man. Credited to Mystreve.

EDIT: fixed the numbers/alignment