All the Best Stories I've Read this Month


Comfort in Numbers -- Credited to TerraRow

The theme of this pasta is actually a rather common one: psychotic number-crunching. The excellence in this story lies in the timing and wording of the description. There is no doubt, this is the best story I have read this month. Also, this story claims the "eight spot" on my all-time list.

Rabbits in the Creek -- Original author unknown.

Playing with video equipment in the middle of the desert at night. Why not? Seems legitimate.

House of Rules -- Credited to RetardoTheMagnificent

It was a very close third place, but this pasta is great in its own right. The old house in this story controls its occupants with rash discipline. And soon, the occupant becomes helpless to accommodate the order of the building.

The Raffle: Part Two -- Credited to Grey Owl

Wrath and power dominate the earlier stages of this story, and then a sudden plot twist. A rather snarky perspective throughout, and by the end the story becomes noticeably unpredictable.