• Snydrex

    Oh my god. Sorry. I need this. I need to vent.

    I just read a horrible creepypasta about Halo 3. My reading went from kinda interested to not interested to aggrivated, then angry. What I read was basically THE most generic, unscary creepypasta I'd read since yesterday, and it had every cliche in the book.

    - WWWEEEEEIIIRRRRRDDDD sctuff happening at the beginning, and protagonist not giving a shit. (pew pew)

    - Satan "scary" 666 reference done in the form of funds ($666) (No apparent connection to satan despite this. It's just a black spartan.)

    - protagonist begins soliloquey. Talking to himself for no reason. 

    - videyagaem gleetches, oh my.

    - Sudden knowlege. Like: huh, weird black spartan...HOLY SHIT ITS A DISGRUNTLED BUNGIE EMPLOYEE THAT DID IT.


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  • Snydrex

    Ever had those days where you have a big project due in any school, like on the last day to turn it in? Well, I'll give some reccomendations about what NOT to do.


    1. Work on the damn thing until one A.M.

    2. Get up early just to hit your head on your bed's steel support.

    3. Rush to the bus just to hit your head on the side of the bus's door, in the exact same location.

    4. Forget your monthly bus pass, so you have to go back and get it.

    5. Rush out of the bus, only to hit your head AGAIN on some unfortunate girl's temple.

    6. Forget to bring an umbrella.

    7. Arrive at an empty classroom, because it was actually due the next day.

    If I don't have brain damage by now, I'm pretty sure all that just happened to me. Maybe it was all just bad luck, but…

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  • Snydrex

    Active cynicism.

    March 27, 2014 by Snydrex

    I am a critic. I look at what others have made and give my opinion on them. I'll usually be dicking around in the comments section of most bad creepypasta videogame stories.  I'm biased to a fine edge, so put on your helmets.

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