• Snow-ish


    January 24, 2012 by Snow-ish

    Hi... Before now, I have been a simple browser of your fair site. I myself am a Creepypasta writer, mainly working on Pokepastas, or Creepypastas about Pokémon.

    I am simply wishing to let my presence be known, as I might post a couple pastas I find decent. I admit I am not the best at writing them, but right now I am working hard on one. It is called Hearing Aid and focuses on an Audino.

    I had an idea a few days ago about a five part one, but I shall not let that one slip. It's going to be a collaboration between me an at least one other person. And then there is one that is not related to Pokémon at all.

    I might post the Pokémon irrelevant one later, as I need to tweak a few things.

    I hope I can read more pastas and that people will enjoy min…

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