Since i have joined this community for the sake pf meeting people who i can share my love for creepypasta with, I thought i may as well tell you about myself.

My name is Sneep, this is a name that i use for myself in a few places (well, really only one other place than here) across the internet. If you happen to play the MMORPG "Fantasy Online" you can find me there under the same name. I won't take your time telling you how i got this name here, but if you find you curiosity overwhelming, don't hesitate to ask me about it :). I'm currently studying for my BA in writing and i have a few pasta ideas that i will hopefully be able to share with you. Also, I would really appreciate it if people could reccommend their favourite pastas for me to read (or just some really good pastas if you don't have any favourites).

Now that the introductions are over I can get to the second part of the blog post. My personal challenge that I have given myself.

On the day that I became a member I ventured into the chat, just to see what the people here are like. While I was there, one of the mods (Wolfen- something, sorry, I'm horrible with names) told me about the worst, most gruesome story he had ever read. It's not really a pasta, and it's not available on the wiki. Some of you may even already know what story I'm talking about. It is called Three Ladies at Sea. When I saw the absolutely horrified reactions of the more knowledgeable members of the chat, I knew I would have to read this story for myself, just to see if it really is as bad as they say.

So, that is my personal challenge to myself - to make it through the entirety of Three Ladies at Sea. I will be taking it one chapter at a time (I've been told it is a 40 chapter epic), and I may make more blog posts detailing my progress and my thoughts and feelings about the piece.