aka NickyG

  • I live in Why do you care?
  • I was born on November 30
  • My occupation is Film-making, reading Creepypastas, scripting, making video games.
  • I am Männlich
  • SnazzellAlt

    This is Snazzell's alt. I get on this account to retreat from hacks (I have been hacked a lot on my other account). You guy's are probably like "UUUGH! Snazzell the noob is on again! BAN HIM!" Well, I didn't post this to come on here again. I posted this to apologize. No, don't think I want to get back on here again, because I know that people hate me enough on here. Can you guy's just accept my apology, and I will get out of here. Deal?

    Please? I will never get in your hair again.

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