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  • SnakeTongue237

    The Humboldt Lycanthrope is most definitely one of the most respected writers on this wikia, and for good reason. His work is, very simply put, exemplary. Time and time again has shocked and terrified us with his adult intended stories of hardcore horror. Almost every yarn of his has been nominated for pasta of the month at some point or another, and one of the pastas featured on this list has won quite recently. He has also announced some up and coming works that I am especially excited for, so let us celebrate the occasion by taking a look at his best work. Let Humboldt’s top ten begin!

    But wait...

    One thing.


    Okay, now we can start!

    10) Clown Dogs

    Here we have the story of some of the harsher consequences of cyber bullying, not …

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  • SnakeTongue237

    Hello members of the Creepypasta Wikia! Today I am writing this blog post because I feel the need to articulate my feelings upon a certain subject that I haven't shed a whole lot of light on in the past. My age.

    The sad truth is that I have lied to many of you on this website. I have told you that I eighteen years old and that I am currently attending college.

    This was a falsehood. 

    The truth is that, I am only fourteen years old, and I am a freshman in high school. I had the fear that if everyone knew how old I really was, nobody would take me seriously as a writer, so I took measures to ensure everyone would think I was older. 

    Now I realize that I was incorrect. It probably wouldn't have mattered what I told anyone, (unless I said that I wa…

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  • SnakeTongue237

    Now that I have sufficiently tided you over with a few horror movies that are pretty damn good, heres a list of movies that absolutely sucked to even things out. You can expect plenty of underground bad horror to surface here.

    SnakeTongue's Shit Barrel of Awful Horror Movies...

    Let us begin with a movie that is so atrocious that it is pretty much pointless in even talking about how bad it is. Camp Blood. Need I even say more? I almost feel bad myself including this one because it technically isn't even a movie... its a bunch of people out in the woods with a camcorder and a twenty dollar budget. No real actors, no editing, no partially decent cinematography. Easily the very worst "movie" I've ever wasted my time on.

    Phantoms---Dean Koontz is …

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  • SnakeTongue237

    AGrimAuxilitrix1 is definitely one of the more underrated writers on this wikia, and certainly one who is deserving of some attention. So let’s give her a moment in the spotlight! Family and friends of the wikia, please welcome the author known only as AGrimAuxilitrix as we dig our way through the annals of her work and see horror that is just as mental as it is physical.

    10) The Correctional Society

     My favorite thing about this short, fun little piece is the fact that it is not that far out of the realm of possibility. The idea of a group of people who try to better others (in the most gruesome and macabre ways possible), is pretty realistic and seems like it actually could happen. This gives the pasta a creepier tone as all the action wit…

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  • SnakeTongue237

    Hello there Creepypasta Wikia! I have a request to make of you guys today.

    It's fairly simple really. I just want some more comments on a couple of my pastas that have not gotten that much attention. If anyone can find it within their cold black hearts to humor an aspiring writer, I would be extremely grateful. The pastas that I would like to have more comments/critiques/reviews on are listed below, as well as their storylines so that you may dismiss anything you are not interested in.

    I realize that this is pretty selfish of me, and I apologize, but the fact is that if I do not get feedback on my stories, then I am never going to improve as a writer. So by all means... type away! Give me your thoughts and opinions on the three stories liste…

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