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  • SnakeTongue237

    My Newest Pasta

    October 6, 2016 by SnakeTongue237

    Hey you! Yeah, I'm talking to you! The guy (or girl) who's reading this. Don't scroll down. Don't. However much you feel the temptation to.

    Usually, I hate making blogs like these, because all they do is take up space, and they usually never get any comments, but here goes.

    Would someone mind taking a look at my newest story? It's been awhile since I've written anything, so I'm really looking forward to any available feedback here. 

    The pasta is Running Out of Tombstones.

    Thanks to anyone willing to take a look, read, and comment. 

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  • SnakeTongue237

    How do we define a movie that’s disturbing? That, in particular, is a hard note to hit, for both the viewer and those who made the actual movie. I’m sure we can all name movies that scared us, as children, and perhaps as adults. But scary and disturbing aren’t necessarily the same thing, are they? For example, when I was about seven years old, my dad let me watch Halloween. It scared me senseless, I’ll say that much. But, whenever the word, “Disturbing” comes up, that movie doesn’t come to mind. However, if you search the definition of the word “Disturbing,” you’ll soon find that it is viewed primarily as a synonym for “worrying,” or “causing anxiety.” But now, isn’t that the same thing as being scary?

    No. I don’t think so. In my opinion, w…

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  • SnakeTongue237

    Creepy Music Videos.

    September 2, 2016 by SnakeTongue237

    Here at the Creepypasta Wikia, we love all things creepy. After all, it's in the name of the website, isn't it? I think we can all agree that another thing that we all love is music. Who doesn't love music? It's an art form that is constantly changing over time, is vastly different, but at the same time, retains a unique charm throughout. Music, indeed, is one of the things I love the most. So, with that said, what happens when we combine the two elements of music and overall creepiness?

    Scary music videos. 

    I'd like to take a moment to talk about such videos today. Outlining what I believe to be the most unsettling on a scale of one to ten. One being "Not too bad," and Ten being "Extremely Unnerving." Me being a metalhead, most of these wil…

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  • SnakeTongue237

    How Tall Are You?

    August 22, 2016 by SnakeTongue237

    So, in my last blog post, I mentioned that I'm around 6'2" in height.

    This got me wondering. How tall is everyone around here? Don't be shy. Go ahead and comment your height. I've found that it's much easier to imagine someone in front of me if I know how tall they are. I've found that when I'm bored, I look up the heights of celebrities, rock stars, and other famous figures. You might be surprised to know that Stephen King is 6'4". Or, on the other side of the spectrum, that infamous Iron Maiden rocker Bruce Dickinson is 5'4".

    So, to all my friends and other associates around the Wikia, how tall are you? 

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  • SnakeTongue237

    I'm going to assume most of you have read RuckusQauntum's blog at this point in time. 

    I'd like to start out by wishing RuckusQauntum the best of luck. I can definitely relate to what he's going through right now, and maybe some of you can too. Those of us who've been there know: Depression is nasty business. It wrecks lives, destroys relationships, and kills general livelihood. Ruckus had the courage to speak up about what was happening in his life, and now, permitted you have the time to read this, I'd like to do the same. 

    My troubles started about a year ago. I was transferring to a school where my father worked as a spainish teacher. It made transportation a lot easier, and it was generally seen as the best option to further my educatio…

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