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Who wants a top ten of their own?

Well, as many of you know already know, I often write top tens on various topics and post them here, on the creepypasta wikia.

Well, the point of this blog is simple enough, I'm starting a new sort of segment on blog posts, so to speak.

I will be selecting Writers on this Wikia who have written; A) More than ten pastas and B) enjoyable pastas at that. And I will be creating top ten lists of the best pastas by these authors.

While some Writers will very obviously recieve top tens (Slimebeast is a good example,) I am completely open to suggestions. 


Just leave a comment saying that you would like to have a top ten list modeled after your pastas and I will put you on my list (Provided that your stories are decently good).

I may not have your top ten list done anytime soon. Please understand that.

Thanks, and leave your requests below in the comments section!

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