I originally said I was going to do this on Saturday, but why wait? I'll go ahead and do it now. 

In short, I have decided, with some encouragement and support (Thank you Crazywords), to hold my first ever Creepypasta writing contest!

The rules are fairly simple, I have created a list of good titles for creepypastas. Anyone who types "I'm in" in the comments section, will be given a random title from the list, then, you must write a story with this title. You will have one week to complete this challenge, starting when you begin to write the pasta (however, I will be lenient, seeing as real life sucks). 

There will be a top 3 posted on this page for the best stories once the contest is over.

Thank you and good luck!

Winners List

'1rst place: A Figure In the Fog (By 'Shadowswimmer77)

2nd place: Blue Moon (By LinebeckIV) 

3rd place: Shower Curtains (By Supersatan25)