Recently, I've had somewhat of a fascination with serial killers.

I can't stop reading about them, there is something about the concept of a serial killer thats just awesome to the average horror fanatic. Maybe it's the fact that they are real. To qoute one of Humbolt's best stories The Gym Teacher, "This was real: there was no rationalizing it, no denying or doubting it. It was fact."

In any case, not only have I read up on famous serial killers such as Ted Bundy, Dennis Rader, The Zodiac Killer, Jeffrey Dahmer (my personal favorite, if there is such a thing as a favorite serial killer), and John Wayne Gacy, but I have also picked up on a certain book called "American Psycho" about a wall street yuppie who just so happens to rape and murder young women as well as the homeless and even the occasional business associate. I have found it to be a delightful and engaging read.

As a matter of fact, I am writing, not one, but three creepypastas about serial killers at this time. I won't go into detial about them however, because thats a blog post for another day. I will say only this, their names are Broken Mirrors (Which I have recently finished), Tongueless, and Asylum on Heather Hill. If you are interested let me know in the comments, and I'll elaborate a little about the plots of each.

With all this said, can anyone reccomend any serial killer creepypastas for me to read so that I may satisfy my needs and urges when it comes to reading?

I would also appreciate reccomendations for any books or movies based of serial killers, especially if said movie is on netflix streaming.

Much thanks.