Hello there Creepypasta Wikia! I have a request to make of you guys today.

It's fairly simple really. I just want some more comments on a couple of my pastas that have not gotten that much attention. If anyone can find it within their cold black hearts to humor an aspiring writer, I would be extremely grateful. The pastas that I would like to have more comments/critiques/reviews on are listed below, as well as their storylines so that you may dismiss anything you are not interested in.

I realize that this is pretty selfish of me, and I apologize, but the fact is that if I do not get feedback on my stories, then I am never going to improve as a writer. So by all means... type away! Give me your thoughts and opinions on the three stories listed below!

RevivalA college bound couple find themselves walking home alone at night on an abandoned country road. They have a disturbing encounter with an eerie monster that they may actually know better than they think.

CrucifixA recently orphaned boy moves into a foster family of devout christians. He develops a fear for the crucifix that is in his bedroom.

Broken MirrorsThe life story of a disfigured man who has had to endure several hardships as well as loneliness that aches at his heart. This is the longest pasta I have written (and I completely understand if you do not want to read it given the fact that it is a bit longer than the first two). It was inspired by real life serial killer Jeffrey Dahmer.

Thank you!