Lately, I've been pretty interested in the writing of poetry and songs. And I've tried my own hand at it to the result of... failure. Horrible, terrible failure. I've read the advice by the Admins, and it's been very helpful, I must say. But, I was wondering if anyone could perhaps provide their own insight into this art form, and I even wonder if anyone has written anything poetic of their own?

That being said, I don't think any of my poetry will really make it onto the Wikia. My inspiration comes from taking the bare bones of Anal Cunt Lyrics and then making them much more poetic (Again, to failure,) so, I guess you could say that my work there is a little too offensive even for this happy place. Just wouldn't feel comfortable with it. 

Let me know your thoughts and suggestions. And remember Rancid Sucks! And The Clash Sucked Too!