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Smokelahoma September 23, 2014 User blog:Smokelahoma

I'm new to this site and looking for anyone that loves to help beginners with writing.  I am a huge fan of horror and especially of short horror stories.  I am currently studying a creative writing workbook and have already come up with a pretty original premise for a story I would like to eventually write and share on here.  I know I need to work longer in the workbook and read more advice blogs and topics on writing, but I have no patience and I'm dying to share my idea with someone who would want to collaborate with me on it and share credit.  

I have a horrible problem with ruminating and daydreaming and figured I could channel these thoughts into something productive.  

Some burning questions I have right now are:

What should I start with first-Character development?  Outline for the story?  Do I come up with an ending first and write the book backwards?  Any advice is appreciated!  Thanks for reading my post.


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