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aka smile

  • I live in creepypasta world
  • My occupation is be with jane and jeff
  • I am male
  • Smile jpg

    hey I'll tell you about my boyfriend's dog Smilla so let's begin:

    I would sleep over at my boyfriend tobias.smilla she was in the living room so we sat down and watch TV for a while but I felt a sense a strange feeling that someone staring at me. - T-tobias you feel a sense of someone watching us? .

    - Yes it is Smilla staring at us and smiling.

    I started shaking when I look into her eyes. blue eyes, a wide black stripe on the back, its thick husky coat and the terrible curse smile. We watch TV until we'd eaten food. then we put ourselves in the couch and cuddled and ate candy. then it was time to sleep. that night I had a dream about Smilla. I hid behind a ten in the dream. then I shouted: SMILLA GO AWAY FROM THE BEAR TRAP NOW! . she refused.…

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