I feel that we need minimum requirements for User Rights (admin, chat mod, rollback). These requirements could weed out inexperienced or inactive users that apply for any User Rights.

Chat Moderator

Being chat mod doesn't really require you to be editing, but it requires you to contribute somewhat. Being active on the chat is VERY important. Plus, you have to be in good standing with community. Any history of being banned, kicked, spamming, harassing or starting flame wars on the chat could drastically reduce the chance of you becoming a chat mod.

Minimum requirement is 50 edits and 3 months on the site.


Rollback requires you edit much more than chat mod. Your edits have to be contributing to the site (cleaning up pages, stopping vandalism, etc.) That doesn't count editing your userpage 300 times or posting forums replies.

Minimum requirement is 250 edits and 1 month on the site.


Being an admin requires both requirements from Chat Mod and Rollback (being active on chat doesn't really matter but it is helpful). This is also harder to get and you need a lot community support. You HAVE to be active and contribute quite a bit. Plus, you have to be ready handle trolls and vandals. People will despise you and you have to handle it in a progressive way. So no declaring war on trolls or write hate fulled speeches. Also, being admin doesn't mean you're a ruler of this wiki, it means serving the community and its users. Enforcing the rules and try to make the wiki a better place to scare the shit out of people. It is recommend to be a chat mod or VCROC first since it gives you experience.

Minimum requirement is 1000 edits and 4 months on the site.

These are MINIMUM requirements. Just because you reached the requirements you needed to apply, doesn't mean you'll get it. You need community support and my final (or Cleric's) approval.