The Article Listing should be found in "Site Navigaton" on the top of the page. Also read Article Listing General Guidelines.

You have to do this when you upload a page. No exceptions. You will get banned if you don't.

Last Update on May 11, 2013

I realized some people don't know how to update the Article Listing when creating a page. Causing the wiki to clog with unmark pages. So I made a tutorial for you newbies.

Step 1

We first begin with the top page with the link page called "Article Listing".

Pic 1

Step 2

Second, there should be subpages in alphabetical order. Click on the page that has the first of letter of your pasta name. Example: "Tommy" is your pasta name, just click on the "T" page . Simple right?

Pic 2

Any pastas that start with "The, A, An" must go the page of the first letter of the second word.

Ex: The page "The Night of Slenderman" must like this "Night of Slenderman, The" and be placed in the N page not T.

Ex: The page "A Beast" must look like this "Beast, A" and be placed in the B page not A.

You get the general idea and you MUST do this. It's the rules and you will get banned.

Note: Any title that starts with numbers or symbols will go in the # page.

Step 3

Third, click edit. 

Pic 3

Step 4

Once your in edit mode, you will see the page filled with brackets like *[[The Tab|Tab, The]] and such. Don't worry, the page is just in source mode. This is how you will add your pasta. Proceed to go down the page and in ALPHABETICAL order to find the place where your pasta is going to be.

Pic 4

Step 5


Now you are going to add your pasta. To do so, you will use the brackets as you see on the page. Like for example, if you want to add your pasta that is named "Tommy" then you will put it like this *[[Tommy]].

If your pasta starts with The, A or An. Then you will use "|", which you place between the ACTUALLY TITLE of the story and THE TEXT YOU WANT DISPLAYED.

  • Ex: The Night of Slenderman will be *[[The Night of Slenderman|Night of Slenderman, The]]
  • Ex: A Beast will be *[[A Beast|Beast, A]]

Finally click publish. There, was that so hard?

Alternative Tutorial