Warning Angry Rant: May contain a lot of rage and profanity.

This has to be the stupidest, most common grammatical error I have seen on this wiki. Seriously, if you are a person that write pastas on this wiki and do not capitalize the letter "I" in your pastas, grab a hammer and smash your hand as hard as you possibly can. If you are a male, jump off a building and land dead center on your nutsack on a fence or a wall. If you are a female, well... do something painful as the things describe above since I couldn't think of something. Doing these things shall redeem you to the Ghost of the English Language.

But seriously, everyday I see pastas uploaded on this wiki with this pesky grammatical error. It's not like it's to hard to fix, but it is very frustrating. Not to mention these pages most likely contain horrible spelling, bad formatting, horrendous grammar, giant walls of text which don't get me started about these things *rage*. Capitalizing "I" (or capitalizing in general) should be a very easy to grasp and something you should pick up from just being alive. Is your Shift or Cap Lock key broken on your keyboard? Or are you incapable of proper grammar?


I'm pretty sure everyone on this wiki wants their story to be reviewed and criticized properly. Then stop writing like a bunch of illiterate 10 year olds on a sugar rush. Fuck, fuck, fucking shit. I'm not even talking about plot and story in this blog, I'm talking about just grammar itself. I want to know why this bullshit constantly happens. If you are a person that gets their pasta(s) constantly flagged for deletion for bad grammar, then tell me why you refuse to learn? I understand if you are from a non-English speaking country and your English isn't really good. But if you are born and raised in a English speaking country, given any sort of education, and constantly post shit on the wiki, then shame on you and proceed smashing your hand with a hammer.