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  • Sloshedtrain

    Warning Angry Rant: May contain a lot of rage and profanity.

    This has to be the stupidest, most common grammatical error I have seen on this wiki. Seriously, if you are a person that write pastas on this wiki and do not capitalize the letter "I" in your pastas, grab a hammer and smash your hand as hard as you possibly can. If you are a male, jump off a building and land dead center on your nutsack on a fence or a wall. If you are a female, well... do something painful as the things describe above since I couldn't think of something. Doing these things shall redeem you to the Ghost of the English Language.

    But seriously, everyday I see pastas uploaded on this wiki with this pesky grammatical error. It's not like it's to hard to fix, but it is…

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  • Sloshedtrain

    I feel that we need minimum requirements for User Rights (admin, chat mod, rollback). These requirements could weed out inexperienced or inactive users that apply for any User Rights.

    Being chat mod doesn't really require you to be editing, but it requires you to contribute somewhat. Being active on the chat is VERY important. Plus, you have to be in good standing with community. Any history of being banned, kicked, spamming, harassing or starting flame wars on the chat could drastically reduce the chance of you becoming a chat mod.

    Minimum requirement is 50 edits and 3 months on the site.

    Rollback requires you edit much more than chat mod. Your edits have to be contributing to the site (cleaning up pages, stopping vandalism, etc.) That doesn…

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  • Sloshedtrain

    It has been officially a year since Cleric granted me my banhammer. So I want to know how I'm doing with you guys. Have I been doing good or bad or too much.

    And of course, feel free to make your own evaluation of me in the comments using and templates.

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  • Sloshedtrain

    When you add stories to the Article Listing. When your story has "The, A, An" in the beginning of your title. DO NOT ADD IT ON THE T, A PAGE. Example: "The Night of Slenderman" will look this "Night of Slenderman, The" and be added to N Page not T or "A Beast" will go like this "Beast, A" and be placed in B page. I just reorganised 90+ pastas in their rightful place. I don't want to do that again.

    If you are caught putting "The, A, An" titled pastas in the T and A page.

    1st Offense: You will be warned. One day ban. It will count as you never placed it in the AL.

    2nd Offense: One week ban. The ban time will double 2, 4, 8, 16, etc

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  • Sloshedtrain

    There is no doubt that this wiki is rapidly growing, so are the pastas being upload here. Its been a pain to link pasta to the article listing with the same name. Its more time consuming and annoying. And putting periods at the title doesn't help.

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