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December 14, 2013
  • SlimJimIsHere

    Entry 3

    December 15, 2013 by SlimJimIsHere

    Entry #3 Tuesday 15th October, 2013, 20:36pm

    This diary is now the only one I can confide in. It won't tell anyone and it will listen to me. She's dead. Emily, my best friend, is dead. And it's all my fault. I should of stayed! I should of helped her! I should of at least fought!!! But I didn't. I ran. And now, I sit here, trembling as I write this. It happened when Emily and I were coming back from the cinema after seeing Now You See Me when this guy came from nowhere. He had two friends with him. He grabbed up both and took out a knife. I struggled to get free and eventually I did. Then I ran. But not before I heard her. I heard my best friend scream my name in agony. I turned, seeing blood racing down her white shirt, various stab wounds …

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  • SlimJimIsHere

    Entry 2

    December 15, 2013 by SlimJimIsHere


    You know that special place when you're neither asleep of awake. That was were Emily Sanderson was. Her mind was clear and peacefulness was on her shoulders. That was until a small tap sounded at the base of the glass window on the left side of her bed. Emily groaned in her sleep but did not wake. The taps began to become more loud and forceful. Emily gave a sigh and opened her eyes, thinking someone was knocking at the door to her room. She stared at the door, realising that the noise was not from that area of her room, but from the glass that separated her from the outside world.She slowly turned her head and stared at the w…

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  • SlimJimIsHere

    Warning and Entry 1

    December 14, 2013 by SlimJimIsHere

    She does not have much time. But just enough to get this all out, I think. It is coming for Her. I do not know the exact time but It will come. And She knows. This is why I have chosen to write about how it happened. How She sentenced herself to death. Like a lamb to the slaughter. Over the couple of months that She has been a target, I have collected notes and information about her current experience. And maybe, just maybe, if there is another among the people who read this, you can avoid the same fate as her.


    Emily Sanderson was waiting. Well, more like targeting the poor victim she was looking out for. Her pink, plump lips w…

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