aka Jessi Rippetoe

  • I live in Pickaway Freaking County...
  • I was born on December 10
  • My occupation is None
  • I am Genderqueer (Though I primarily cosplay as men, I most often present as female.)
  • Slendergeek
    • Epic sigh of... DOOM* I'm just sitting here in English class being more bored than I've ever been before. The teacher's still out with a broken sternum, and the sub has entirely given up on making us do any actual work. Our operating levy failed, and I seem to be the only responsible individual to actually show up to our school's new anime club so far.

    Yeah. And YU+ME=DREAM is blocked at school. UGGGGGH.

    Ah, well. At least I have the pride rally to look forward to tomorrow.

    Does anyone have any ideas about what I should draw/write/whatever? I have the worst creative block right now.

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