Jeff vs slenderman by bikubiku chan-d53qdcc


I'm sure all of you know about the Slenderman and about Jeff The Killer, some people say "Fake" others say "True" What's your opinion? I mean, I enjoy things that make my heart race and scare me a bit. If things like this didn't scare you, how would it be fun? It wouldn't be. My thoughts are that, it's happened and possibly still is happening. But I'd have to see it happen to declare them fully true. Although I'd rather not die, so I'll say True until proven False.

I've recently found out about Jeff and did as much research on him that I could find, I started falling asleep in my classes, seeing nothing but black, and hearing laughter, I'd jerk awake multiple times, I always get the feeling somethings watching right before I go to sleep, but nothings ever there and I don't see anything. They say that if you watch this one youtube video that Jeff himself uploaded onto YouTube, that he'll hack you and obtain your IP Address and find out your location to come and kill you. I've never seen the video, and I have no intention of watching it what-so-ever. I guess we shall see where everything goes and what happens with Jeff.

The Slenderman on the other hand is a different story, I found the computer game "Slender" through a friend, I downloaded it and in the game you have to collect 8 pages without being caught by the Slenderman, but in the end he gets you either way. I've also seen the movie "Windigo" the full movie is on YouTube. To me, the last half hour was insane, it really did freak me out haha. But I started drawing the Slenderman, and looking him up and having dreams with him in it, but I always woke up before the Slenderman actually got me. Recently I'd be Skyping with my girlfriend and my camera would act funny. Since he is believed to be electo-magnetic, it's entirely possible to spot him through a camera, other than my dreams and funny camera difficulties that's the only thing I've had happen. It could be real, but it could be a coincidence. Oh well.