Well, I told you guys in my other blog "Slenderman or Jeff The Killer?" That I'd be doing another blog, but this time it's all about our friend Mr. Slenderman. Leave comments stating your beliefs, reasoning, and anything else you can think of. I'll tell you my story about Slenderman and everything I know about him.

So Slenderman, believed to have started in Germany, then moved his way around the world including the U.S. Well, I do believe in Slenderman, there's a lot of proof supporting his exsistence. But everyone has their own opinions, if you are going to try and tell people something is real, you better have the information and points to back it up, otherwise, you're fighting for nothing.

Slenderman varies as the years go on, his height and the way he looks, but he's always in his suit with a tie and his expressionless...blank face. Some say he has tentacles, and some say that its only his hands, me I believe he's got tentacles. He may be scary, but there has to be a reason why he started his "killing spree" I mean why children? Why go after people who see him? It's one thing to be scared of him and have him come after you, then it's another thing to go looking for him yourself.

Slenderman is electro-magnetic, which is why if you are recording your experience, your camera will mess up and start doing weird things. That's one way to tell he's near, and that's probably the biggest one Slender Hunters look for, and some find him by accident and think its just a technology malfunction.

The reason I stated Slenderman as a "Faerie" is because well, what else could he be? Obviously he's not from this realm and he couldn't have just sprouted up from the ground. It's likely, and more then one source has classified him as a "Faerie"

That's all I'm going to share for now, leave most of my opinions out, I'm mostly interested in yours so let it begin lol.
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