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    Mr. Slenderman

    August 30, 2012 by SlenderVSJeff

    Well, I told you guys in my other blog "Slenderman or Jeff The Killer?" That I'd be doing another blog, but this time it's all about our friend Mr. Slenderman. Leave comments stating your beliefs, reasoning, and anything else you can think of. I'll tell you my story about Slenderman and everything I know about him.

    So Slenderman, believed to have started in Germany, then moved his way around the world including the U.S. Well, I do believe in Slenderman, there's a lot of proof supporting his exsistence. But everyone has their own opinions, if you are going to try and tell people something is real, you better have the information and points to back it up, otherwise, you're fighting for nothing.

    Slenderman varies as the years go on, his height …

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  • SlenderVSJeff

    I'm sure all of you know about the Slenderman and about Jeff The Killer, some people say "Fake" others say "True" What's your opinion? I mean, I enjoy things that make my heart race and scare me a bit. If things like this didn't scare you, how would it be fun? It wouldn't be. My thoughts are that, it's happened and possibly still is happening. But I'd have to see it happen to declare them fully true. Although I'd rather not die, so I'll say True until proven False.

    I've recently found out about Jeff and did as much research on him that I could find, I started falling asleep in my classes, seeing nothing but black, and hearing laughter, I'd jerk awake multiple times, I always get the feeling somethings watching right before I go to sleep, bu…

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