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  • Skydropshasfallen

    Hi to whom this may concern, or whoever reads this. I'm alive, been off here a few....weeks I think. Not really sure. I've recently thought of an idea for a story but I've ran into a few snags. The story was originally going to be an obssesive thing. That's still happening, but my friend had brought up a point that it sounded like a Nosleep called 'Dear Abby'. Now when I read it I realized that it kinda did. Another one I was planning was going to be called "The Music Box" which was going to have a song from the soundtrack "To The Moon" the song was "For River" I like the concept for it except...I can't seem to find how it could be put into a horror story. So whoever reads this I would love to hear your thoughts or suggestions.



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  • Skydropshasfallen

    Intro pt 2

    August 26, 2014 by Skydropshasfallen

    Hi I'm Sky. I've decided to tell you a bit more about myself. First off I've written three nosleeps & is currently thinking up 'Pasta ideas...none so far good. I in my personal opinion sometimes perfer Nosleeps (some pastas are too far fetched) but thats just me. The one thing I love about horror is being scared senseless! Only a few has really scared me enough to not go to sleep. But if you think your's can do the job feel free to try!

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