• Skidder1369


    September 9, 2012 by Skidder1369

    I sit here in the last few minutes of my life, blankly staring at a wall, letting my skin become diseased like most of my body already has. I can’t remember how or why I’ve become like this but it seems like I’ve been like this for a few weeks or even months. I’m not too sure but it seems like an eternity. It was my friend Jack who first noticed it, but because I was in a fight a few weeks before I thought they were just some bruises, but when they didn’t go away I became concerned. “Hey aren’t bruises meant to go away after a while?” Asked my friend Jack when I showed him the well…… marks I will call them. “Well yeah…. I guess…” We stared at each other or a few seconds before he replied “Hmmm….. Maybe you should wait a few more days, it h…

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