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I am so pissed right now!

SO LET ME GET THIS STRAIGHT! The wiki moves Sonic.exe to the trollpasta wiki! I was pissed and still am but what made me go punch a cow was that the Anti-Sonic.dll was not moved!

That was just me being pissed if you love the Anti-Sonic.dll then sorry it was just not my thing.

The reason why i liked the Sonic.exe because it is a hack. i was not that much of a fan of the creepy pasta as a gamer i enjoyed to play it and it scared me so bad mainly why i'm so pissed because the Anti-Sonic.dll was not moved as well

I am bord now so tell me if you agree or if you disagree with me.{8__8}

what's next are they going to move ben drowned to the trollpasta wiki?

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