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    this movie was never going to be creepypasta but became

    one day I would buy a gta iv game EFLC. until I left the store had a vhs thrown to decia.RIO THE MOVIE

    I thought it was dead bart. but so grip and went home, but first I had to play gta iv EFLC

    Then I remembered the vhs. I grab hurry because I wanted to see dead bart, or somethinglike suicide squiward. I put the VHS. and let it charge for viewing.

    But something was wrong. The video shows only static. and do not see anything but when everything was black. the TV volume was high at 100%. I could not believe

    Now the video shows the cage. (where he met blu jewel.). but in this scene can not see anything but 30 seconds appears to Find Just walking Blu Jewel.

    (But rather than fear had blu face was bad.)

    so when he found a jewel, blu wanted to marry her bu…

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