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Cosmic Owl's are rare species, mostly found in heavily radiated areas such as CbNNG -553, Aeia Nemesis Void and so on. Not much is widely known about these magnificant, cute, yet deadly entities. Last human encounter was documented in August 9, 1945, Nagasaki, before that, on the same year, another similar encouter was spotted and also documented - on August 6, 1945, Hiroshima. These strange entities, are also known to be addicted to all kind's of void's, portal's, and other similar, transdimentional anomalies.

Sadly, due to a huge wish of galactic tourists to find and presumably catch these magnificant creations of the Universe, their actions are know shrouded in mystery and debris fields, and any tries to contact their authorieties fail.

It is also known, that the previously mentioned authorities of the Cosmic Owl's dispatched their greatest agent's to gather intel and monitor strange activity of humans - humanoid inhabitants of the planet Earth. They seem to be constantly trying to scare themselves with the help of forum sites, most presumably called "creepy pasta", "creapy paste" or "creep 'o' paste".

        • Aeia Nemesis Void, Unknown Network Monitoring Centre (UNMC) HQ*********

//Engaging security systems.................

//Security systems neutralized.................

//Activity detected.................

//Monitoring in progress......................

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