When I was about 3 everything started to change for me. My parents got divorced so I was left with my mom. My mom was a strict person who had many break downs. I was an only child then so I had to deal with this on my own. About 3 years later, my little sister Mae was born and I was 6 years old. Mae was very lively but my mom would just work all day. One day my mom got a day off work on Christmas. She decided to make a dinner for us dealing with everything. That's when she forgot about the food cooking, a fire started in our kitchen. I ran and grabbed the phone to call 911. When they got here my house was full of flames. I was outside but my mother and sister were still inside. Mae had fallen asleep on the couch and my mother was watching tv. The firefighters extinguished the flames but my family had been scorched. Mae had died but my mother only lost her leg because of the fire, so she was in a wheel chair now. I started to get depressed about everything and started not to eat which had caused my disorder. But now that everything horrible is over, my life is pretty much peaceful at least for now. Please don't feel sorry for me!