• SilenceoftheShadows


    July 20, 2016 by SilenceoftheShadows

    Ok, now I know it has often been the tendency for people on this wiki to reach out on blogs for ideas and this has been explicitly banned by the administrators but I would just like to ask which types of stories readers enjoy. Please state the name of the story, the author and which of these categories does it fall under:

    1. Most Enjoyable to read

    2. Scared you the most

    3. Most intriguing

    4. Most memorable

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  • SilenceoftheShadows

    So this is my first blog post on the Wiki.

    I have always been fascinated by the ominous, the mysterious and the esoteric parts of our world, especially those concerning the supernatural. I am sceptical as to the existance of beings (certainly those conspiracies stories about aliens) but I am also hopeful. Even though some of these creatures are deadly, I secretly hope that there is more to our world that we are currently experiencing. So I love to combine this fascination with my other love: story writing.

    In this way I hope I can give back to this community what it has blessed me with: a thousand sleepless nights!

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