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  • I was born on March 28
  • My occupation is artest
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  • SigherMink


    February 21, 2013 by SigherMink

    ahhh...... damn I haven't sleeped in 2 days (creepypastas are just to awesome to fall asleep too).

    Anyway since I'm not doing anything at the moment and I'm sopost to do this for.... idk..... um.... 5 days I think it's for an achivement or something I just don't know but..... what ever.

    I at the moment working on one of my stories that sould be done by the time next week or sooner ^(0-0)^ *srug* not 100% sure but at lest over 50% sure. :)

    well thats it for right now um.... I might make another blog thing later at home when I have more to wright but until then bye. 

    you're friend

    Kelly Odd.

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  • SigherMink


    February 20, 2013 by SigherMink

    well... hello everyone.

    I'm new here, but.... I know what I'm doing on here.

    I'm making stories... horror stories.

    but there not done yet, Oh well they will be done soon though so just wait.

    if you haven't notest yet, I'm Kelly. Kelly Odd or Sigher Mink. I'm an artist and I am a fan of horror stories or creepypastas, main reason why I'm on here. 

    No I'm not a creepy person, and I don't wants to scare people on here. but eh.... I guess it just can't be help, I love the coments good/bad I LOVE people haveing horror on there faces.

    But I'm not kind of person. and I can understand if some veiwers don't like my stories or art but what can they do I want make them. let me do what I want... and I'll let you do what you want.

    thank you for lissening...


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