• I live in Massachuesetts
  • I was born on March 14
  • I am Male
  • SiKswYne94

    Investigation Day 1

    October 16, 2012 by SiKswYne94

    Hey guys. Sorry i haven't been on in a while just been busy with College and Work. i can barely talk since Ive been screaming, scaring the shit out of people at Sixflags. but its worth the money i suppose. College however, is the biggest bitch I've ever encountered lol but i guess ill get by smoothly if i try hard enough. I'm doin this for my mom... i haven't seen Brittani for awhile I'm mean we talked on the phone and shit but i kinda miss her. i asked her if she was free last Tuesday but she had a class to attend so i was kind of alone.

    So there i was, just a regular day chillin on campus. i was ready to go home till i started to think about the guy Brittani and I saw in the forest trail outside of campus with a decapitated head in hand. …

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  • SiKswYne94

    Whats up guys. this my second post on Creepypasta and since i even created my account, some wierd things are starting to happen all of a sudden.

    Well, I recently started attend Holyoke Community College and it was going fair i suppose. i made a couple friends here and there but the work is a bitch. but deep down inside, i feel more anxious and depressed then ever and its only been a month... but thats not the weird thing in this case.

    One day me and my friend Brittani we hanging out on campus, she just finished class half an hour after i did. Brittani is this one beautiful girl i met in one of my classes she has blue eyes, long hair (mostly straighted) and a figure of an hourglass. I have a crush on her and she knows it but were not rushing …

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  • SiKswYne94

    Hey guys

    October 3, 2012 by SiKswYne94

    Well i got bored so i decide to make my own creepypasta. this website is filled with twisted shit its basically endless.

    Also this is a way for me to let things out that effect me through everyday life.

    well im off to class. Peace xP

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