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    Attention Mods/Admins : Recently, the Wikia has been experiencing problems with ". exe". Cleric himself said that simply typing ". exe" trips the spam filter when a user edits/creates a page. This is one of the reasons you might have been seeing pages switched to ". exe", so no need to scratch your heads at that anymore.

    If you have a pasta that you cannot add to the Article Listing because of the spam filter, alert a Mod/Admin for a notice to put on your talk page. The entire problem should be fixed eventually. In the meantime, it's best to check the Talk Pages before blocking a user.

    I just think it was very important for everyone to know this, as this is becoming a really big problem for people. So, you aren't alone if you've had thes…

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    Mod questions

    August 11, 2012 by Shrubskill Nurse


    I'd love to know, if one day when we need new mods, (because the demand is very high right now and many people are applying) if I would be a good chat mod. I'm not going to apply right now, though. If anyone believes I would be, just comment why. Not to seem full of myself, but I think I would make a good one because of my calm and patient attitude. I limit myself. I wouldn't ban JUST to ban, I would give reasons. I would also not abuse powers. If I am given powers, I'd use them when they are important. I love this community and find it exiting and truly interesting.

    And please, be honest. I don't want someone kissing my butt. Tell me why you think I would make a good one.

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