3 days from Now is the Greatest day of the Year. The Day I was brought into this world so I can later control everything.(My Conquerer side would say) 
Colorful birthday cake

Meh Birthdah

On meh Birthday I shall turn into the age of 15. Yes one more year and I'll be on the road, causing chaos and hitting various things with my vehicle. If you wanna hang out with me on mah birthday I dunno something like with cams like Tinychat or some skype shit. Give me Birthday gifts if you feel like it. AKA just send me fucking stupid pictures and shit Nothing that costs money. If you wnat to gift meh steams PM's Meh on Chat. But If I'm not ons then It's screwed's.

And Remember Nov. 12 is the best day in the whole fucking world. Everyones world.