Hi there friends and somewhat family, Today I wrote an essay for english class in high schools and I wanted it to share it to you guys..... Not like you guys really care or anything but it's just nice to share it to you..... maybe?

So with out any further Delays I'm sharing it with you. 

Our past shapes who were now and who we will become in the future. In Elie Wiesel’s article entitled, “A God Who Remembers”, he states his that he must “witness” or share his experiences from the Holocaust with others so that people will remember it. His belief in sharing was shaped by his experiences during and after the Holocaust. He became one of the most important writers from the Holocaust as a result of his past and as a result of how his past shaped his belief. In my life I have experienced. I believe in Watching out for yourself. I also believe in Forgiveness. The Way I’ve learned these Beliefs is my experience in Middle School. When I was in 6th grade I remember when I was being bullied the whole year. Teachers weren't really aware I was being bullied until 7th grade. I didn’t have any friends to stick up for me in 6th grade so I was just on my own for the time being. All the anger and humiliation that I felt, I just wanted to get revenge on them but I later learned to forgive them for their wrong doing. I was way different back then but all the bullying changed me on the inside into what you see today. I used to feel a lot happier back then, but now I’m just a shadow of my former self. But life moves on and a little business man can’t wait any longer because he has a meeting, and that's the big meeting where he gets that promotion that he’s been waiting 5 long years for. Do you know what I’m meaning?I’m meaning that if you wait it out and keep on working harder than before. For better or worse, that little business man can make it to C.E.O slow and steady, or he play his stakes in Vegas, Lose all his earnings and hard work, or play his luck and win a fortune. The way the world works is strange and mysterious, just appreciate the little things because thats what you could end up with.