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Wired Dream

Shmizzy.G January 20, 2014 User blog:Shmizzy.G

ok so last night i had the weirdest dreams the first one was about all of the creepypasta but I can't remember much of that one the second one was about BEN Drowned...  i woke up from the first dream a little shaken up it was around 5:00am (and for the last few nights i've been waking up around then too) I kept hearing odd noises from the rest of the house, I ignored it and went back too sleep.  When i went too sleep it was black for a few moments and then it came up with me waking up, i walked out into the lounge to see my bro playing on halo 4 online with his friends, I went up into my room, sat down on my bed and turned my t.v on to watch a little t.v (I have arial so i can watch norman t.v), I went to the toilet and came back to my room only to find my screen black with the no signal sign floating around in the t.v, but instead of the words no signal it said BEN Drowned on it then i saw it Ben Drowned coming out of the t.v i ran out of the room and into the kitchen that is when I woke up breathing heavily and really scared.I lay back down and heard someone coming into my room... Thank God it was my Dad...