• Shmizzy.G

    Wired Dream

    January 20, 2014 by Shmizzy.G

    ok so last night i had the weirdest dreams the first one was about all of the creepypasta but I can't remember much of that one the second one was about BEN Drowned...  i woke up from the first dream a little shaken up it was around 5:00am (and for the last few nights i've been waking up around then too) I kept hearing odd noises from the rest of the house, I ignored it and went back too sleep.  When i went too sleep it was black for a few moments and then it came up with me waking up, i walked out into the lounge to see my bro playing on halo 4 online with his friends, I went up into my room, sat down on my bed and turned my t.v on to watch a little t.v (I have arial so i can watch norman t.v), I went to the toilet and came back to my roo…

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