Any of you who are familiar with me probably know I didn't plan to submit much original work here. Really, I didn't plan on it, and let me be honest with you. If you're easily offended, I recommend you don't read this. The last thing I need is a flock of butthurt people bitching and moaning.

I know what I write probably isn't the best or most amazing stuff anyone has ever read, but seriously, I know I can write better than a lot of people on this site. Some of the things that have been submitted here are absolutely horrible. Many writers here have little to no regard for proper grammar or spelling, and also, many have little to no creativity.

I hope I'm not sounding too snooty by saying this, but really... Bad stories make this place look bad, and I'm hoping by adding some of my original content and polishing up the grammar, spelling, and wording of other peoples' pastas, I can make things just a little bit better. All I can really do is hope others agree.