I usually don't consider myself too much of a thinker, but then again, I try not to put silly labels on myself, either. So many people try to fall under categories. What next? Are they going to start listing themselves under genres, too? Or are people already doing that? I'm not so sure what most people do. I'm a little out of touch and unafraid to admit it. But anyway... I was thinking of something that was a little odd (at least in my opinion) that I didn't think quite qualified as a Creepypasta, so I figured I'd just post it here.

Quite often, I wake up at ridiculously early times, and often, it's due to having a vivid dream. Maybe I read too much of this stuff, but oddly enough, most of the dreams don't scare me. I did already note that I'm a little out of touch, didn't I? The funny thing is, after a couple of minutes of being awake, I tend to forget all about the dream. Apparently, that's typical, but... Something about the way I dream is weird, and this is something I do remember. I don't think it's what people call lucid dreaming, because I can't often control what I do, but something else is strange. Almost everyone sees and hears in dreams, and that's not unusual. Can everyone taste, feel, and smell in them? If so, I've not heard of it.

But this only makes me wonder... A lot of people claim that dreams are a connection between two planes of existence, the astral and physical. And the more I dream and wake up with that disoriented feeling, the more I start to think it's true. But then again, I have been considered weird on various occasions, even by some that take pride in being odd. And the way I can access every sense inside a dream only makes me wonder another thing. What if these places are real?

The only thing that makes me think about that is that overwhelming sense of déjà vu I get ever so commonly. Maybe I saw that, or moreso, due to such senses beign present, experienced it, in a dream.