Okay, so this is different than my typical blog post. This isn't about something creepy, or about some kind of fucked up I might be in my head.

I just wanted to say that I won't be on as much as usual. I'm cracking down on my fitness, but I still will be on every day for a couple of hours. For putting up with it, when I reach my goal, there WILL be pictures. After all, having extra weight is a pretty bad blow to my self-esteem and I love compliments, even if they are shallow.

I probably won't stop writing pastas, either, but it seems like it's taking a while for any more ideas to formulate. Thank you for being so patient. If you bump into me in chat, don't be afraid to ask for one of my IM services. I'm easiest to reach on those, provided I'm online at all. One of the first things I tend to do when I turn on my laptop is get on Yahoo. I'm pretty nice about things like that unless you're on that invisble and short list of people I really don't like. Chances are, if I feel friendly enough to joke around with you in chat, I like you.

But anyway! After I reach my goal, I should be on a lot more since, by then, I should have a set schedule. Right now things are just a little too hectic and I'm trying to completely reform my circadian rhythm and all that jazz.