It looks like I get to stay somewhere after all!  

The rental house I currently live in is going to transfer names.  My brother and I will be responsible for the rent and the bills, and with my job and his current work, we should be able to keep ourselves afloat.  My parents will send money on occasion if I absolutely need it, as well, so that’s going to be somewhat helpful. 

But this DEFINITELY means I’m not going to be homeless in the next couple of months.

The panic I faced, however, has taught me a few things.

There are so many things I’ve taken for granted, and never even considered when I had nothing to worry about.  Realizing that so many people live paycheck to paycheck, myself included, is a rather scary situation.  The basic necessities are becoming a luxury to some, and it saddens me to think so. 

People are always expected to have three things:  food, shelter, and clothing.  The truth of the matter is, an astonishing number of people face starvation and homelessness.   As for nudity?  None that I’ve seen, but I do know there are a lot of folks that are roaming about with holes in their shoes, shaking empty cups in hopes of donations.  Maybe it’s actually for booze, but there’s always the chance that it’s for something like a shirt on their child’s back.

So if anyone has taken the time to read this, please understand what you have.  And be grateful for every last thing.  There are people that go without these things day in and day out, and some of us are very close to living this way.