So lately, with a permit, I've been trying to learn to drive.  It used to be a big fear of mine and I was taking classes to get better at it and everything.

I was very successful until two days ago.  My jackass brother shouted at me and then panic took over.

I tried to brake.  My foot, however, was too far to the right.  I slammed on the gas.

I went over a curb.  The only thing that got in the way to stop me was somebody's basement.

No, seriously.

So of course the cops got involved and I think I was too shocked to freak out.  

Nobody got seriously injured.  Even the homeowners weren't angry with me.  The only injuries sustained were my brother getting a nasty bruise and some fabric burns on my knuckles, as well as a little scrape on my forehead, all from when the airbags deployed.

The car still runs and is (surprisingly) only in need of minor repairs, as the damage was mostly cosmetic.

I do have a court date to attend on June 4th and I don't know what's in store for me.  I know I'll have to pay a fine, but once the car is repaired, I intend to continue driving.

And if I'm gone for a while after June 4th?  Things went awry and I'm in prison, though I seriously doubt I'll be that severely punished for an accident.