I had my court case today and everything went swimmingly.  I only was required to pay a meager fee of $120.00.   My permit was not revoked and I am not to face any more trials.

However, just before I got that fine out of the way, I was met with some terrible news and it's the main reason I have been inactive.  

I have ten days to pack all of my things and leave.  Paying the rent here is damn near impossible due to my low pay and poor hours and the lack of income of my other housemates, meaning that I'm facing homelessness if I don't find an affordable place to live within the next few days.  

Most of my time lately has been spent searching for an apartment and packing away my belongings.  

There was a time when I thought that some of the things on this website were somewhat unnerving, but now I know true fear.

I may not have a home to come back to in the immediate future.  I truly hope none of you have to face this as I have.

So please understand if I am gone for a long period of time.  It's been a short but sweet reunion.

Wish me luck.